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EssayNinja Service agreement with you, as outlined in EssayNinja's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, incorporates this Cookies Policy. This policy elucidates the nature of cookies, their application on our platform, the options available to you concerning their usage, and additional details concerning cookies.

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Upon visiting any website or online service, Cookies, which are pieces of code, are stored on your device. These elements are utilized to deliver customized content when you use the same website or app again, providing you with an experience tailored to your needs.

For definitions of terms such as Customer, Expert, and Website, please refer to EssayNinja's Terms and Conditions.


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Types of cookies and how websites utilize them

Be aware that by deleting cookies or denying their use, you might not be able to take advantage of the features EssayNinja service offers, store your preferences, or access our pages properly as the Services will no longer be personalized to you. Additionally, this may hinder your ability to customize settings. If you do not modify the settings of your browser, it is understood that you are content with receiving all the cookies in EssayNinja Services.

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